To ensure we provide you with the correct map update, you will need to record and locate your system’s unique Application Version:

CLICK HERE for printable instructions
STEP 1: Put the system into ‘Dealer Mode’:

• Hold the bottom left and bottom right corners of your system touch-screen at the same time (all the way at the edges avoiding pressing any actual buttons) for about 10 seconds. The ‘Dealer Mode’ screen should appear.

• Touch ‘ System Information

• Touch ‘ Radio Part Information
(location of buttons may vary across vehicles)


• In the 'Radio Part Information' Screen, you will see a line called 'Application Version.'

• Take a picture of this information (recommended) or write it down exactly as it appears

• Use the back arrow or ‘X’ at top right of screen to exit Dealer Mode.

Example Only. Each system will have a unique Application Version


When you click 'CONTINUE' below, you will enter the entire Application Version exactly as it appears on your system screen.  This version is unique to your system and ensures you get the correct product.

Note: Enter periods and dashes. <0’s> are likely numbers

Not all systems have the required Uconnect software yet to purchase a map update. If that is the case when you enter your Application Version on the next page – you will get a message that you already have the most current map available (this includes Application Versions that have ‘KR-20.11-20.12’ and ‘NR-28.1 or lower).