To ensure we provide you with the correct map update, you will need to get your system’s unique Application Version:


• Most systems will receive an over-the-air software update from Uconnect by the end of June. This update must be installed prior to ordering. If you get a screen similar to the one at right- please press ‘Update Now’

• If you don’t have the required software yet – when you enter your Application Version on the next page – you will get a message that you already have the most current map available


• Put the system into ‘Dealer Mode’

• Hold the Driver Side Temp Up and Temp Down and Front Defrost buttons down at the same time for 7-10 seconds (location of buttons may vary across vehicles). The ‘Dealer Mode’ screen should appear

• Touch ‘ System Information

• Touch ‘ Radio Part Information

(location of buttons may vary across vehicles)


• In the 'Radio Part Information' Screen, you will see a line called 'Application Version.'

• Take a picture of this information or write it down exactly as it appears per the example below and click ‘CONTINUE

• Use the back arrow or ‘X’ at top right of screen to exit Dealer Mode.

Example Only. Each system will have a unique Application Version

As an Example Only:

• The example at left uses Application Version:

(Note: you will need to enter periods and dashes. If you see
‘ASO’ or ‘SBX’ - those are letters. Other <0’s> are likely numbers)