**If you do not have an active Uconnect 6.5A(RA3) navigation system, you should not purchase this product. Please contact your local FCA Dealership.**

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Uconnect Software level needs to be confirmed prior to purchasing or installing a map update.  If you are not at the minimum software level, your map update installation will fail.

The software update is NOT the map update.


Please follow these steps in order to purchase your map update:

STEP 1:  Verification of Software Version

With your Uconnect System powered on, press the following: 

      1. 'Apps' or 'Controls' icon at bottom of screen
      2. 'Settings,' then 'System Information
      3. The Software Version will be shown in the first line of the System Information screen


A) If the Software Version is at 15.43.00 or higher - you are all set!  No software update is needed.  Click 'Order Your Map Update' at the bottom of this page


B) If the Software version is below 15.43.00, a software update is required.  Have your VIN ready, and visit the Uconnect site to get your software update:

For any questions regarding how to complete the software update please call the FCA Customer Care Center at 1-877-855-8400.


STEP 2: Once you have confirmed your Software is up to date, order below:

Order Your Map Update