IMPORTANT NOTICE: A Uconnect® Software Update must be performed before this map update can be installed. The software update is not included with your map update package but is available from your local FCA Dealership.

If you have software level 18.01.35 or above, you can click below to order your map update. If you do not, you will need to get the most current software update from your local FCA Dealership. Additional charges for a service appointment may apply. Discuss any applicable charges with your preferred dealer before scheduling an appointment.

Find your local FCA US Dealer:

For any questions regarding how to complete the software update please call the FCA Customer Care Center at 1-877-855-8400.

To confirm that you have the latest version of Uconnect software:

1. Open the Settings menu

2. Scroll down and select System Information

3. Please look at the Software Version to ensure that it is at least 18.01.35

IMPORTANT: This Navigation Map Update will NOT work with earlier (lower) Uconnect Software versions.

If you do not meet the minimum software version, please contact your local FCA US Dealer. Do not purchase this map update until your software has been updated.

Order Your Map Update